For Airbnb Management Companies

Frustrated Guests?

Guests want to see, feel and experience the city around them and they want it NOW! But discovering and booking experiences is challenging.

Short Let Management companies need to go one step further. They must truly provide seamless end to end hosting that falls nothing short of an 11-star experience.

The future of hospitality is virtual assistance available 24/7 through messaging.


The Digital Pocket Concierge

Tickitto is the UK's leading FREE pocket concierge powered by Artificial intelligence. It enables short let management companies to offer their guests personalised event-recommendations through Facebook Messenger.

The Bottom Line

Partnering up with Tickitto means dramatically boosting guest satisfaction, while also increasing the efficiency of  your operations. Let your operations team handle more urgent guests requests and leave the recommendations on us.

It's simple! We provide you with customised flyers or unique referral links.

  • No staff training needed
  • No setup required
  • No fees involved

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