Seamlessly connecting people to experiences they’ll love

As Tickitto prepares to go live soon, I wanted to talk a little about what we are trying to do here and why it is important.

We have come to the realisation that the biggest ticket vendors in the region have been slow at embracing the latest technology and continue to deliver frustrating experiences for their users.

Right there, it became obvious that there is a massive opportunity for us to build something that takes the friction out of ticket buying. An opportunity for all of us event-goers to attend events without the need to manually find the best deal.

Tickitto is a live events assistant that recommends and finds tailored events. We built an intelligent and engaged event-bot powered by vertical-based AI technology. You can chat to Tickitto whenever and wherever really. There is no app to be downloaded and no sign-ups required. All you have to do is hit us up on Facebook Messenger.

Everything Tickitto does is for the user’s best benefit. Recommendations will be tailored to your exact preferences and the more you engage, the better it gets to know you. On that note, we will never charge you for using Tickitto — absolutely no Tickitto specific booking fees. The price you pay for any ticket is strictly market price and does not involve any ‘mark-ups’ whatsoever.

In two years’ time, we aim to make Tickitto your go to source for a stress-free ticketing experience. We are working incredibly hard on making our vision a reality, and Tickitto as near human as possible. The recommendations will be on point that our users will seamlessly connect with the experiences they truly love.

Help us co-create a better ticket buying experience. Join the Tickitto Squad and win two free tickets to Creamfields London 🎉 🎉.